NORMA DOORS has counts with experience all around the world in hotel establishments design. Room entrance doors, interior doors, bathroom doors, wardrobe doors, swinging and sliding doors, lounge and working areas, with all the certifications needed.

NORMA also provides all the door complements as well as the possibility to personalise the rest of the hotel equipment based on the interior designer creations.


Norma Doors en los mejores Hoteles


Below are some of our customer references made in the last two years:

Hotel Melia Barcelona Sarria - Barcelona (Spain)
Hotel Rosamar - Lloret de Mar, Gerona (Spain)
Ona Hotels Mosaic - Barcelona (Spain)
Hotel MarBell - Sóller, Islas Baleares (Spain)
Hotel Madanis - l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona (Spain)
Hotel Oriente - Teruel (Spain)
Hotel Acuari de Lloret - Gerona (Spain)
Aparta Hotel Sol de Tossa de Mar - Gerona (Spain)
Hotel Sant March de Tossa de Mar - Gerona (Spain)
Apartamentos Pueblo Indalo - Mojacar, Almería (Spain)
Hotel Europa - Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona (Spain)
Hotel Cap Salou (Ampliación) Salou, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel Oasis Park - Salou, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel Playa de Oro - Salou, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel Villa Dorada - Salou, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel El Dorado - Salou, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel Delta - Mallorca (Spain)
Hotel Playa de Oro - Salou, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel Michelangelo - Salou, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel Aragó - Cambrils, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel Port Eugeni (Ampliación) - Cambrils, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel Voramar - Cambrils, Tarragona (Spain)
Hotel Bart Triton - Benalmadena, Málaga (Spain)
Hotel Marisco - Ibiza, Baleares (Spain)
Hotel Leo - Ibiza, Baleares (Spain)
Hoteles PlayaSol - Ibiza, Baleares (Spain)
Hotel Monica Holyday, Benidorm, Alicante (Spain)
Hotel Ocean Blue (Republica Dominicana)
Hoteles Secrets St. James y Secrets Wild Orchid (Jamaica)

References of Hotels with Doors Norma Doors, inaugurated before 2016:

Hotel Ritz - Madrid (Spain)
Hotel Nuevo Boston - Madrid (Spain)
Hotel Las Mercedes - Madrid (Spain)
Hotel Valencia Melia Plaza - Valencia (Spain)
Hotel Conqueridor - Valencia  (Spain)
Hotel Alcora - Sevilla (Spain)
Hotel San Pablo - Sevilla (Spain)
Hotel Villa de Bilbao - Bilbao (Spain)
Hotel Iturrienega - Bilbao (Spain)
Hotel Corona de Aragón - Zaragoza (Spain)
Hotel Ciudad de Zaragoza - Zaragoza (Spain)
Hotel Ciudad de Valladolid - Valladolid (Spain)
Hotel Ciudad de Burgos - Burgos (Spain)
Hotel Hesperia - Córdoba (Spain)
Hotel Larios - Málaga (Spain)
Hotel Ciudad de Coruña - A Coruña (Spain)
Hotel Reino de Navarra - Pamplona (Spain)
Hotel Ciudad de Santander - Santander (Spain)
Hotel Dunia - Marrakech (Marruecos)
Hotel Dawliz - Rabat (Maruecos)
Hotel Grand Hotel Kampal - Kampala (Uganda)
Hotel La Rose Bleue - Palm Beach Argel (Algeria)
Hotel NH Las Cortes - Barcelona (Spain)
Hotel NH Rally - Barcelona (Spain)
Hotel NH Numancia - Barcelona (Spain)
Hotel Juan Carlos I - Barcelona (Spain)
Hotel Majestic - Barcelona (Spain)
Hotel Marte - Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Hotel Valparaiso - Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Hotel Presidente - Ibiza (Spain)
Hotel Nautico - Ibiza (Spain)
Hotel Palm Beach - Ibiza (Spain)
Hotel Maria Cristina - San Sebastian (Spain)
Hotel Amara - San Sebastian (Spain)
Hotel Arrizul Gros - San Sebastian (Spain)
Hotel Hard Rock - Tenerife (Spain)
Hotel Torre Oasis - Tenerife (Spain)
Hotel Selomar - Benidorm (Spain)
Hotel Bali - Benidorm (Spain)
Hotel Marina D´or - Castellón (Spain)
Hotel Presidente - Lisboa (Portugal)
Hotel Boca do Rio - El Algarbe (Portugal)
Hotel Cap Manel - Dakar (Senegal)
Hotel Mamelles - Dakar (Senegal)

Norma Doors presente en hoteles de todo el mundo