Norma Fit Door


NORMA FIT DOOR… The new door model PATENTED by Norma which is adjustable to any door opening size.

The door leave is formed by three parts, a central one, and two lateral ones which slide to the sides. Giving solution, with just one door, to the different wall dimensions, with an oscillation of  60 mm on both sides, 120 mm in total.

FitDoor Norma Doors Technologies

Inside the door core, a tubular system acts as the base of the system registered by Norma

The guides let us adapt the lateral stiles to any size, no matter the width between frames, in a fast and easy way, without any need to plane the lippings nor to produce wood shavings at home. No cutting for adaption is needed on the width of the door!

Norma Doors Technologies Fit Door interiorNorma Doors Technologies Fit Door adaptable


Once the wall dimension is calculated, the extensible parts are fixed by 4 screws. The fixing holes are placed on the top and bottom rails, invisible to sight. The patented system is completely covered by the lateral leaves, introduced in the door as another design element.


The new Norma Door can be veneered with any kind of wood or lacquered in any colour, what’s more, one or four glasses can be factory delivered completing a full design door.

It is a patent specially thought for the DIY shop, given that it makes it no longer necessary to store the same door in different dimensions reducing the SKU’s number; and for the renovation market, as it is common to have spaces with different standards, in the constructions, depending on the age of the building.


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