Quality Politics


"We are manufacturers of wood carpentry elements whose basic pillars are to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by offering products with the highest added value in Quality, Service and Price, with the collaboration of all the staff and with the minimum cost for the company. " Likewise, we are committed to increasing the consumption of wood or timber products with Forest Certification, controlling the sources of supply and thus guaranteeing the exclusion of wood coming from logging or illegal trade, from human or traditional rights violations in forestry operations, of destruction of high values ​​of conservation in forest operations, of significant conversion of forests in plantations or non-forest uses, of introduction of genetically modified organisms in forest operations.


"To constitute a model in the world of the manufacturers of wooden doors, for its quality, design and cost, thanks to our team of work and to the continuous improvement of our processes".


  • Give satisfaction to our customers and also to our suppliers.
  • Work as a team, facilitating communication at all levels, without forgetting the individual.
  • Active and constant search for innovation in our sector, being flexible to changes.
  • Leadership, knowing what are the objectives and individual responsibilities, the available means, to achieve the maximum professional development.
  • To have the necessary resources and means to identify and satisfy the requirements and needs of our clients.
  • Identify and comply with the regulations and legal requirements applicable to our products.